Lael AnnMarie

Lael AnnMarie
Lael AnnMarie

Lael AnnMarie, a passionate and highly preferred professional hairdresser since 2006, offers the peaks of hairdressing service in northern and Southern California. He never boasted of his desire to stop learning and training, and his commitment to bringing high-tech and relevant modern came from clients. He is determined to be inspired to replace his client with the latest trends and classic looks.

Lael AnnMarie

He trained internationally with mentors from around the world and regularly trained with mentors in Beverly Hills, London and other parts of Europe. Her specialty is high-end European inspired trends, Beach blondes and her favourite to create edgy high fashion looks. He created b•b Coeur as a home in the heart of Beachfront Del Mar to provide a more intimate and individualized experience for his clients.


Lael’s hair home B•B Coeur has everything to make you look and feel charming. His goal is to make sure you get VIP treatment so you go out as the best version of yourself. Contact B•B Coeur today and pamper yourself with any pampering hair care service!

Address: 1555 Camino Del Mar #203, STE 41 Del Mar, CA 92075
Phone: 209-352-8526
Instagram: laelannmarie


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